Fred Carter Persian Fighter (SOLD)

Fred Carter Persian Fighter (SOLD)

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PhD Botanist, Dr. Fred Carter of Wichita Falls, TX is one of the finest makers of Art Knives.  He produces some of the most stunning art folders and fixed blade knives in the world.  He is one of the 25 invited members to the elite, annual Art Knife Invitational.  He is featured in a full chapter in David Darom's book on the world's finest folding knife makers.  He is clearly one of the best knifemakers working today, and definitely at the top of his game.  His knives are highly coveted by collectors, and are extremely difficult to acquire.  When you do find one, they are sold quickly.  He is not currently taking orders.

This knife is a classic Persian Fighter with a beautiful upswept blade, an outstanding example of Fred's remarkable work.  This knife was recently acquired from the original owner, who purchased it several years ago directly from Fred at a knife show (may have been a Knifemakers' Guild Show), when he was attending shows.  The entire knife was made from a 1/4" thick bar of 440C steel.  The guard is a rather large notch where your index finger rests.  The downward slope of the handle rests securely in the palm of your hand, making this knife feel ergonomically perfect.  You really have to hold in your hand to appreciate the design and contour.  The handle scales are black micarta overlays, carved / fluted to follow the flow of the knife.  They are secured with what appears to be blued titanium pins / hardware.  To round out the aggressive design of the knife, Fred has incorporated a nasty skull crusher that extends out beyond the micarta.

Fred's work does not disappoint.  Don't miss out on this opportunity to add something rare and stunning to your collection. Comes in a zippered case - there is no sheath.

Condition:   Previously owned. Mint Condition
                       Never used, carried, or sharpened
  • Overall length:  12 1/8"
  • Blade length:      7" (6" cutting edge)