Harvey Dean, M.S. Large Fossilized Coke Bottle Slip-Joint Folding Knife (SOLD)

Harvey Dean, M.S. Large Fossilized Coke Bottle Slip-Joint Folding Knife (SOLD)

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This is a Harvey Dean large Coke Bottle pattern, slip-joint folding knife.  Harvey is a master at making both folders and fixed blade knives.  He is consistently producing outstanding pieces that are highly coveted by collectors and users alike.  His grinds, and fit and finish are second to none.  To hold a Harvey Dean knife in your hand is the only way to truly appreciate the craftsmanship and detail that goes into every knife he crafts.

The ladder patterned Damascus blade was forged by Harvey from 1075 and 15N20 steels.  The handle features fossilized material scales - the pattern, colors and depth of the material can only truly be appreciated in-person.  These are some of the finest I've handled in a very long time.  There is texturing (stippling) that sets off the backspring, which is made from ATS 34 stainless steel.  The front and rear bolster, Bowtie shield, and pins are all 416 stainless steel.

Since the blade was forged, the new owner will have to do periodic maintenance to prevent oxidation from forming on the blade.  Some gun oil or rust protection is recommended.  The blade has a half-stop, locks up rock solid, and sits centered in the handle.  And notice the two (2) nail nicks Harvey uses - a long pull, and more traditional nail nick.  The knife was acquired from the original owner, who received it directly from Harvey about one year ago.  It has been safely stored in a climate controlled environment, with the blade conditioned with Birchwood Casey Barricade Rust Protection.  This is an outstanding example of Harvey's work.  The knife will come shipped in a padded, zippered case.

Condition:  Previously owned, Mint (as noted above)

                    Never carried, used or sharpened

  • Overall length:       9 5/8"
  • Blade length:         4 1/8"
  • Handle length:       5 1/2"