Medford Knife and Tool Praetorian T, Mottled Flame Titanium Handle, D2 (SOLD)

Medford Knife and Tool Praetorian T, Mottled Flame Titanium Handle, D2 (SOLD)

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From the MKT website:  "Elite Emperor's Guard Praetorian Guards were elite men chosen from the Legions of Rome to serve as personal protectors of the Emperor.  The MKT Praetorian Ti is just such a knife. This awesome design is topped only by the strength of the materials from which it's made.  It features 0.190" blade thickness, 0.142" thick solid Titanium frames, and .250" pivots and hardware, making this a knife like no other.  Beautiful form and function, and unsurpassed reliability."

This frame-lock Praetorian T is brand new and direct from Medford Knife and Tool.  Windy City Knives is a proud member of the MKT authorized dealer network.  The knife features a D2 tumble finished Tanto blade, and full Titanium frame with a Mottled Flame finish.  The spring also has the mottled flame finish.  It includes a D2, NP3 coated tempered-glass breaking pommel, tested by MKT to be dependable and 100% functional.  This is an emergency lifesaving feature and not for ornamental appeal - wear hand and arm protection if testing.  The knife has excellent blade seating and solid lock-up.  For one-handed opening instructions from Greg Medford, you can refer to his YouTube video...The Low Down On One-Handed Opens.

Comes packaged in a Medford Knife and Tool hard shell plastic case with metal dog tag, instruction sheet, bubble packaging, and Medford cardboard box.  Please note that MKT ships their knives coated with oil.  It may be evident in some of the pictures.

Condition: Brand new from the maker.

  • Overall length:   9"
  • Blade length:     4"
  • Closed length:   5"
  • Weight:              9.3 oz