Roger Bergh "Fish" Pattern Damascus Hunting Knife (SOLD)

Roger Bergh "Fish" Pattern Damascus Hunting Knife (SOLD)

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Roger Bergh started his knifemaking career working with leather in 1969.  By 1973 he was making knife handles.  And by 1995 after 15 years as a part-time knifemaker he started forging his own Damascus steel under the supervision and training of Conny Persson.  He never realized that leatherwork would lead him to where he is today - one of the top knifemakers in the world.  Most of his knives are collectible, all-purpose straight knives - yet extremely functional.  Each knife is one-of-a-kind, and is made from beautiful organic materials.  The materials are used as they were shaped by nature, to create a knife that feels right in your hand.  His hand-forged Damascus is among the finest available.

This gorgeous trailing point hunter is an absolute testament to Roger's abilities and talent.  This "Fish" pattern Mosaic Damascus blade is made of high carbon spring steel, 15N20 and 20C Swedish Sandvik.  This is one of only 10 knives that Roger made with this Damascus.  The handle has fossilized natural material in the centerpiece, with fossilized natural organic material towards the front, as well as recessed into the top and bottom of the handle.  There is a Bog Oak spacer towards the guard, and the butt cap is also fossilized material.  The handle is nicely carved near the butt cap.  The guard and fittings are nickel silver.  The sheath is also made by Roger - uniquely designed to grasp and lock the knife in the sheath by the guard - you can almost hear it "click" when it is inserted.  There are some very fine lines on the guard due to this feature.

Condition:  Previously owned. Excellent

                    Never used, carried, or sharpened

  • Overall length: 10 1/4"
  • Blade length:     5"