Tim Robertson Checkered Stag Barlow Slip-Joint Folding Knife (SOLD)

Tim Robertson Checkered Stag Barlow Slip-Joint Folding Knife (SOLD)

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Tim Robertson is a part-time knifemaker, with a full-time job.  He was born and raised in the small town of Thackerville, OK, where he still lives today.  Tim started making knives about 17 years ago, when someone told him he couldn’t make a slip joint.  Whether you want to call it perseverance, persistence, or just plain stubbornness, he did it.  It wasn’t the prettiest thing he ever created, but it functioned, and he knew he could build it better with the next one.  Tim was self-taught until about 3 years ago when he was introduced to another maker who introduced him to the knife community.  Since then, he has been helped by countless knifemakers, many of whom he is proud to call close friends.  Tim primarily builds traditional slip-joint knives and prefers using natural handle materials.  His goal is to build the best knife that he can build, and to make the next knife better and cleaner than his last knife.  Tim is an Official Member of The South Texas Slipjoint Cartel.

This is Tim’s single blade Barlow slip-joint folding knife.  The blade is CPM154 stainless steel, hand ground, with a satin finish.  The relieved liners are integral to the oversized bolster and are 416 stainless steel, as are the pins.  The scales are two pieces of machine checkered amber stag, done on Tim’s milling machine.  The resulting scale has a crosshatched pattern in the center, with smooth edges.  The checkering gives the handle a nice texture and feel in-hand.  There is an ample long pull cut behind the swedge.  There is no play in the blade in any position, and it sits centered between the liners when closed.  Nice walk and talk too!  Comes in a Robertson Knife Works padded, zippered case.

Condition:  New from the Maker

  • Overall length:   6 1/4"
  • Blade length:     2 3/4"
  • Closed length:   3 1/2"