Toby Hill 3-Blade Amber Stag Lock-Back Whittler

Toby Hill 3-Blade Amber Stag Lock-Back Whittler

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Toby Hill has now been making knives for more than 5 years.  His knives do not reflect the relatively short time he has been at it.  They have become increasingly more refined, with a higher level of attention to detail and functionality.  They are the work of a much more seasoned slip-joint and lock-back knifemaker.  No wonder, Toby learned to make knives from none other than Bill Ruple, a master at making traditional patterned folders.  Toby's work is clean, and he has a great eye.  Toby has definitely become an accomplished knifemaker in his own right.  This knife is Brand New and direct from Toby's shop in Pleasanton, TX.

The 3-blade Lock-Back Whittler (LBW) is one of the most challenging knives to build.  Only a select few knifemakers would even attempt to build this design - and Toby is one of them.  And he has pulled this off as only a master can - it is perfect.  All the blades are CPM-154 stainless steel.  The main blade is the lock-back, and the smaller pen and clip point blades are the slip-joints.  The design, and the way they fit together requires amazingly tight tolerances.  The intricacies of the locking mechanism fitting with the liners and blades takes time, patience and a whole lot of knifemaking talent.  The front and rear bolsters are 416 stainless steel, as are the pins and liners.  The scales are two gorgeous pieces of amber stag, well-matched and highly figured with great color.  And there is a 416 stainless bombshell shield on the presentation side.  This knife is Brand New and direct from Toby's shop in Pleasanton, TX.  All the blades open smoothly and lock up tight with no play, and the blade seating of each is spot-on.  The two smaller blades have half stops - the main blade obviously does not.  Nice comfortable nail nicks on the two smaller blades, and a long pull on the main blade.  Comes in a Hill Knives padded, zippered case.

Condition:  New from the maker

  • Main blade length:            2 15/16"
  • Pen/Clip blade lengths:    1 5/8"
  • Closed length:                  3 7/8"