Consignment Program

If you have a custom, collectable or mid-tech knife that you would like to sell, you've come to the right place. Whether you are a collector interested in reducing your inventory, or a knifemaker looking for more exposure or a new avenue to promote your work, we can help you. We have an extensive network of knife collectors who are constantly looking for new pieces to add to their collections.

Why go through the hassle and aggravation of trying to sell a knife on your own on one of those websites where your custom knife gets buried among thousands of knife listings, many of which are not even customs? Not only that, but you have to deal with taking pictures, writing a detailed description, and packing and shipping. Most of all, don't forget those high seller's fees and payment fees that you have to incur.

At Windy City Knives we are avid knife enthusiasts, so we understand how emotional it can sometimes be to part with a knife that you have owned and fondled. We will do our very best to find it a good home. We do all the work. Once we receive your knife we will take several high-resolution pictures for the listing and we will do the write-up. We will work closely with you to set the appropriate price, so that you are satisfied with the resulting sale. Once the knife is sold, we will handle receiving the payment, and the packing and shipping of the knife. All you have to do is wait for your money.

All you have to do is...

Contact us by phone, fax or email and tell us what you would like to sell. We will let you know if your knife is a good fit for our site. There is no minimum value that your knife must meet in order to be accepted. Once your knife sells, you will receive 75% of the final sale price. Please note that the purchaser has a 2-day inspection period and can return the knife for any reason. Once this period of time has lapsed, we will issue your payment within 5 business days. It's that simple!

Once your knife is accepted...

First, make sure your knife is ready for packing by cleaning it. We will ensure that there are no fingerprints on the knife when we take pictures, but we will not clean off dirt and residue. Include any display pieces, or documentation that is part of the knife's provenance. If there is in a display box, make sure it is securely packed and does not rattle around, particularly if there is a glass window. Also, if the knife comes with the manufacturer's box, send it and protect it as well.

Pack your knife safely and appropriately. You want to ensure that it arrives in the same condition as when you sent it, and without potential harm to the carrier. We know of instances where cracks, chips or scratches have occurred in-transit. When shipping a fixed blade knife, we encourage you to package knife and sheath separately, so that the blade does not inadvertently slice through the leather or stitching. You also want to ensure that blade tip is protected. Make a protector for the tip of the blade by folding a piece of cardboard, sealing one end, and placing it over the tip of the knife before wrapping the knife in bubble wrap (or some other soft protective material). And wrap the sheath in bubble wrap, as well. If you are sending a folding knife, we also recommended putting a small amount of bubble wrap around it even if you are sending it in a pouch. If you have the maker's marked pouch, we suggest you include it with your knife. They add to the value and attractiveness of your knife.

Wrap each piece you are sending individually, and make sure that everything is in an appropriately sized box, surrounding each piece on all sides with adequate packing material. If you have any questions about packaging your knives, let us know.

What else to include...
1. Your contact information, including name, address, phone number and email address
2. Information about the knife or knives you are sending - the more we know the better our write-up
  • maker's name
  • knife name or model
  • blade material
  • handle material
  • year made
  • known imperfections or marks
  • rarity
  • and anything else that you know that makes the knife more salable
Our shipping address for USPS is:

c/o George Levinson
5550 RFD
Long Grove, IL 60047

If you are using any other carrier, please contact us for our street address.


1. Your knives will be securely stored at all times while in our possession. However, we are not responsible for material degradation (e.g. cracking or shrinkage of natural materials, rust on blades, etc.), as this may occur during long periods of storage.
2. You are welcome to contact us as often as you like.
3. By sending us your knife or knives, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions as set forth on this website.
4. You may have your knife removed at any time from the website. However, we suggest a minimum of six (6) months with us. If you want your knife or knives removed from the site, contact us for a return shipping quote. There is no restocking fee.
5. At your sole discretion, we can offer a 60-day layaway payment plan for your knife. The purchaser would pay 1/3 at time of purchase, 1/3 at 30-days, and the remaining 1/3 at 60-days. Please let us know if you want this option when your asking price has been established. Note that should your knife sell under this plan, the purchaser would not have the knife shipped to them until the knife has been paid for in-full, and you would not receive your payment until the 3-day inspection period has lapsed and within the aforementioned 2 week timeframe.