Crusader Forge Custom G Special LEO® Damascus One-Off Folder, 01 of 01 (SOLD)

Crusader Forge Custom G Special LEO® Damascus One-Off Folder, 01 of 01 (SOLD)

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Brand New and direct from Crusader Forge is this G Special Custom LEO® Damascus frame-lock folder.  Crusader Forge Custom Knives are designed for extreme and hard use. All Crusader Forge knives are 100% custom handcrafted by master bladesmith and designer, Maciej Szczerbiak.  They are 100% made in U.S.A. from domestic steel and materials.  His blade material is Triple Tempered CPM S30V Stainless Steel with an HRC of 59-60.  Each Crusader Forge knife handle is custom fabricated.   They are custom textured to ensure positive hold, regardless of your grip configuration.  The handles are fastened to the knife using Stainless Steel Fasteners with Torx ™ T25 drive for maximum strength.  Each knife design is prototyped and function tested against various materials such as wood, rope, muscle, bone, sheet metal and anything else Maciej may have left in the shop that has reached the end of its useful life.  Edge holding characteristics, transverse toughness and cutting ability are all evaluated prior to finalizing a knife design.

This G Special is a custom, "one-off" (01-01, as indicated on the COA) build.  Maciej had never built this patterned knife before, and likely never will again.  This is a true custom that he made for me, dubbing it the G (for George) Special.  It features an acid washed LEO® Damascus chisel ground tanto-shaped blade, with elongated thumb groove.  The LEO® Damascus comes from Gaston Glock.  LEO® Damascus is historic Damascus steel made from the German Leopard Tank Cannon (LEO® Damascus).  This is one of the coolest and most beautiful Damascus blades we've seen - check out the pattern.  The frame is hand-sculpted Titanium, with a mild bronze anodized finish.  Maciej does not make many folders with Damascus, and has only done a couple with the Gaston Glock LEO® Damascus - this being one of them.  The blade opens smoothly using the thumb groove, and locks open with a resounding "click".  The frame-lock holds the blade open rock solid - no movement whatsoever.  And it releases easily with no stick.  The blade is seated properly in the handle when closed.  This is a huge chunk of knife, in a small package.  The knife comes in a Crusader Forge box, and includes a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Maciej.

Condition:  Brand New From Maker

  • Overall length:  8 1/8"
  • Blade length:     3 1/8"
  • Closed length:   5"
  • Weight:             10.6 ounces