Daniel Winkler, M.S. Damascus Bowie Knife, Karen Shook Rawhide Sheath (SOLD)

Daniel Winkler, M.S. Damascus Bowie Knife, Karen Shook Rawhide Sheath (SOLD)

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This old school large Damascus Bowie knife was handcrafted by Mastersmith Daniel Winkler.  Dan built this knife in the tradition of bladesmiths long ago.  It was created to be a reminder of an era past, as well as an implement of uncompromising performance.  His maker's mark, "DW", visible on the spine of the blade, is his mark of commitment to excellence in workmanship.  These early forged blades from Dan are becoming scarcer and harder to find in the secondary market.  Most of what you see from Dan these days are his Winkler II stock removal knives and axes.  This one has been in a private collection since new.

It features a hand forged, layered Damascus blade that has been kept religiously coated in oil throughout its lifetime.  The handle is elk, with a rawhide and metal collar at the top.  The S-Guard and pommel are both hammered steel.  The tooled sheath was designed, and hand stitched by Karen Shook, utilizing many techniques and materials authentic to earlier times.  It is also made of Rawhide.  Since it has an authentic old school look, it is hard to call the knife "mint", but it is close. Never unused, and never carried or sharpened.

Condition:   Previously owned. Near Mint Condition
                     Never used, carried, or sharpened

  • Overall length:   13 1/2"
  • Blade length:      8 1/2"
  • Handle length:    5"