Kingdom Armory Custom SPADE, Steampunk Bronze, Stainless Damascus, Monkey Edge Exclusive (SOLD)

Kingdom Armory Custom SPADE, Steampunk Bronze, Stainless Damascus, Monkey Edge Exclusive (SOLD)

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From the Kingdom Armory website:

2018 will mark the 10 year anniversary of beginning this adventure and becoming a full time knife maker. For some reason, I've always strived to fly under the radar and quietly grind away.  Happy to do something I love and support my family with it.  Taking a passion to work and create with your hands, and making that into a career is an intensely personal journey.  If I'm honest though, it has been a saving grace in my life as I've struggled to overcome life's tragedies and set-backs.  Like an oak cask to whiskey however, this process has both refined and distilled me as a person and as an artist.  A full decade later, I am humbled by all the support and recognition from those who have found me and purchased a piece of my life's work.  I'm built up by the process of being able to build, and that wouldn't be possible without such a loyal customer base and trusting dealers.  My family and I thank you all!

Kingdom Armory Knives are designed by David M. Rydbom in Ashland, Oregon.  This custom SPADE was done exclusively for Monkey Edge.  It has long since sold out at a price of $2099.  This Spade features a hand ground, double hollow, Chad Nichols lizard pattern stainless Damascus blade, with the Kingdom Armory antler skull logo on one side and the number "7" on the other side.  The "7" indicating that this is the seventh in the Spade series.  This is a frame-lock knife.  The frame is full titanium.  The presentation side has a hand hammered and aged bronze scale, that has hand sculpted texturing and milling.   The frame-lock side has a matte brushed finish.  The knife also features bronze anodized titanium hardware, a recessed titanium backspacer, and a machined titanium pocket clip.  The fit, finish, and overall quality is outstanding!  The lock up is tight with no blade play, and the blade is centered in the frame.  Comes in a waterproof Kingdom Armory hard plastic clamshell case, signed by David Rydbom.

Condition:   Previously owned.  Near Mint.

                    Never used, carried, or sharpened.

  • Overall length:  6 5/8"
  • Blade length:    3"
  • Closed length:  3 5/8"