Medford Knife and Tool MARAUDER, PVD Coated Drop Point Blade, Frame, Spring (SOLD)

Medford Knife and Tool MARAUDER, PVD Coated Drop Point Blade, Frame, Spring (SOLD)

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The Marauder is a mean design that utilizes the awesome tip strength of the Flat-Grind and the tried and true performance of a Hollow-Ground main cutting edge.  This Combo ground knife has a function driven form that is unique in the Knife world.  The clean lines of the knife are self-evident and in this case, less is more.  Note the curved Fuller-groove that doubles to not only lighten the forward weight of the design but also as a sneaky thumb-slide groove for opening.  The sides are 0.187" Titanium and the blade is 0.260" thick.  This design gets its name from the A-26 Marauder of WW II repute.  The Marauder was known for awesome fire-power and brute force toughness in battle.

This full-size Marauder is brand new and direct from Medford Knife and Tool.  Windy City Knives is a proud member of the MKT authorized dealer network.  The knife features a D2 steel PVD coated drop point blade, and both a PVD coated titanium handle and spring.  The presentation side of the handle is accented with brushed grooves - 2 large forward and 4 smaller ones aft - a nice added touch to the overall stealthy look of the knife.  It includes a D2, NP3 coated tempered-glass breaking pommel.  The knife has excellent blade seating and solid lock-up.  The knife has a strong detent.  For one-handed opening instructions from Greg Medford, you can refer to his YouTube video...The Low Down On One-Handed Opens.

Comes packaged in a Medford Knife and Tool hard shell plastic case with metal dog tag, instruction sheet, bubble packaging, and Medford cardboard box.  Please note that MKT ships their knives coated with a little oil.  It may be evident in some of the pictures.

Condition: Brand new from the maker.

  • Overall length:   9 1/4"
  • Blade length:     4 1/4"
  • Closed length:   5"