G.H.K. "Coin Blade", Nomisma, Vintage Greek Coin (SOLD)

G.H.K. "Coin Blade", Nomisma, Vintage Greek Coin (SOLD)

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Stavros Gizelis made his first knife using a scrap iron bar at the age of 7 years old.  He has been a serious knifemaker since 2002.  His has a technical background as a weapon smith and armorer, and after 18 years of working in this sector became interested in "tactical" oriented edged tools.  He is entirely self-taught and works hard at making "original" designs.  His knives are 100% handmade using only the most basic tools - no belt sander or electric furnace.  He uses a handmade propane forge, an old anvil, a small angle grinder, and many hand files.  The passion he has for knives is the real driving force behind his work.  He uses only high carbon alloys and especially tool steels such as Swedish O-1 tool steel, Austrian D-2 tool steel, L-6 steel as well as old files, steel cables and leaf springs of trucks (5160).  All of his knives are razor sharp and they stay in that condition even after hard usage.  For larger knives and axes he uses a zone hardening / tempering method so as to combine strength and sharpness but without brittleness.  He calls his knives "overbuilt", so as to be tough and strong for the needs of his clients.  He does not make knives for collectors, but knives for hard working users, such as Law Enforcement officers, members of the Special Operations community, and anyone wanting a tough sharp blade.  He does not have a basic line of knives, but rather makes every knife to be one of a kind.  He is always willing to listen to an interesting idea about a new knife design.  Contact us if you have a specific idea.  Stavros is not only a talented knifemaker, but a true gentleman and super nice individual.

This is Stavros Gizelis' "Coin Blade".  The blade is made from L-6 Tool Steel, and has a satin finish and Scandi edge grind.  The Greek coin it is attached to is dated 1976.  The coin is made of 75% Copper and 25% Nickel alloy.  Approximately 64,287,853 coins were minted that year.  Stavros mostly uses these old coins for his coin blades.  They have the largest diameter, so they can house a larger blade.  On one side of the coin there is the image of the prominent and influential Greek statesman, Pericles, and on the other side is an image of the temple of the Goddess Athena.

Please note, that per Stavros, all of his coin knives are somewhat stiff when new.  He uses an aluminum and steel rivet for the "mating" of the coin and the blade, which accounts for the stiffness.  He assures me that this stiffness will gradually loosen after multiple openings and closings of the blade.  You can quicken the "break-in" period by using a light oil, like WD 40, on the pivot rivet, and then opening and closing the blade multiple times.  There is a "nail nick" on the blade to open it, but if you want to avoid any stress on your fingernail during the "initial loosening period", you can use strong fishing line or another suitable cord, and loop it around the nail nick.  This will enable you to pull open the blade more forcefully.

Stavros makes these Coin Blades as a "conversation piece", something to drop in your pocket and forget about - unless you are about to board a plane, enter a courthouse, etc.  The blade is razor sharp, and can be a last ditch cutting tool suitable for actual use.  It's not big, but sometimes you just need a small sharp blade to get the job done. 

Condition: Brand new from the maker

     Dimensions are:

  • Coin Diameter:       1 1/8"
  • Blade Edge:            5/8"